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The Personal O2 Package - $1,295

Personal Oxygen Package
With the Personal O2 Package You Get:
  • One AOCS (Oxygen Concentrator)
  • 2 Humidifier/Aroma bottles
  • Flow System and all connections
  • 2 Aromas
  • 20 Nasal Cannulas (Nose Hoses)
  • 3 Year Warranty

STOP Oxygen Bar Buyers Beware! There are other companies selling similar and cheaper units which are USED & REFURBISHED and will NOT put out the proper amount of Oxygen, nor do they come with a 3 Year Warranty! Do your due diligence - make sure you purchase the best... Make sure it's Airheads! STOP

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Note: Please call us Toll-Free at 1.888.622.7662 to discuss the many other equipment options that may be available for your individual situations. We accept all major credit cards, bank wires and checks.

To prevent rental fraud, refunds will only be considered if the customer receives a return authorization from Airheads within one week of their equipment delivery. Warranty issues are not cause for refund or credit.

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